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Group Circle

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We are a wellness center devoted to holistic healing, rainforest conservation and positive social change. Our unique programs emphasize traditional healing, spiritual practice, integration, mental health and connection to nature.

Our unique programs held within our rainforest sanctuary are designed by highly experienced healers, spiritual practitioners and mental health professionals to create a nurturing container of safety and non-judgement. Our spiritual and healing practices will bring awareness to your emotional blockages, traumas and needs. The outcome is a closer connection to your truth, supportive community and integrative practices for your life.

While staying Posada Natura you will awaken to the rejuvenating, healing energy of an ancient rainforest, pristine rivers, and warm ocean sunshine. We are seated above one of the cleanest rivers left on earth, Rio Naranjo, and are surrounded by over 2,000 acres of rainforest that has been conserved for 30 years by our non-profit organization, Eco Era. We strive to create harmony with the earth through sustainable, eco- practices and to restore a world to balance and peace for ourselves and future generations.




Highly Trained Facilitators

Our programs are led renown experts and leaders in their fields. They have deeply immersed and practiced in their traditions for 20+ years. Our work is also supported by a team of mental health professionals. We weave together these wisdoms for a truly holistic experience.

Integration Focus

Integration is an essential component of healing work. The healing and revelations that people undergo during intense healing journeys require support. Our programs include supportive integration practices facilitated by trained professionals.

Continued Support

We are connected to a large network of facilitators, mental health professionals, and leaders in groundbreaking plant medicine work in the United States. We will continue to support you as needed after the program ends. .

Safe Container

Each group is capped at 20 participants, with exclusive use of the retreat center for the duration of the program. The communal experience at Posada Natura creates a sense of family and safety for each group. The land and space is a sanctuary in nature that supports the container of safety.


Nature Immersion

Our retreat center is nestled in lush rainforest, alongside a bounding river. At our backdoor is 2,000 acres of rainforest that we ourselves have protected for 30 years. The healing that takes place is deeply supported by the experience of connection to the pristine nature that surrounds us.


Our sanctuary is perched along Rio Naranjo, one of the cleanest rivers left on earth. Our sanctuary is nestled into the banks of this enchanting body of water. The presence of the river emphasizes a deeper experience of healing and enchantment throughout the land.

Nutrition Focused Meals

We believe that food is healing. We source all of our produce from local, organic farms to create fresh, plant-based meals for every retreat. We believe in nourishing the human temple with nutrient dense, fresh ingredients cooked with love and intention. All of our meals are free of soy, dairy, sugar, wheat and processed foods. Depending on the season, our kitchen may be stocked with fruits, herbs and roots from our garden. Handmade tortillas, fresh home-made coconut milk, eggs from our happy chickens, food full of wholesome flavor - our cooking is an unforgettable experience.


Jungle Boutique Accommodations

Our two story river-front cabinas are nestled in a lush rainforest garden. Each of our four cabinas has an upstairs private bedroom with queen bed and an open air balcony overlooking the river. Across the hall is an additional private room with two single beds, which can be booked as either private or shared. Located on the first floor is our standard shared accommodations with two single beds. All cabinas are equipped with a bathroom, showers, and common seating areas. Hard wood and river stone accent the cabinas decor, while the A-frame structure creates an upward flow of energy.

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Rainforest Sanctuary Facilities

Situated alongside an enchanting river and surrounded by rainforest, our spacious, open-air palace is the epitome of jungle luxury. Yoga decks, ceremony sites, lounge and dining areas are woven into lush tropical gardens along our river. Each group is given exclusive use of our space. This is to maintain a harmonious container for groups to feel safe and nurtured during the retreat experience. 

Our grounds are a colorful garden of ancient trees, medicinal plants, fruit trees, flowers and animals. The song of the forest is a chorus of wildlife that creates an experience of astounding mental clarity and calm presence.





Bungalow Interior.jpeg

Private Bungalow

Private octagonal bungalow with queen bed and private open-air bathroom.


Private Room in a Cabina

Private room with queen bed and balcony in shared cabina. Shared bathroom with cabina.

Premium Shared Room in a Cabina

Single bed shared with one other in private room of cabina. Shared bathroom with cabina.


Standard Shared Space in a Cabina

Single bed shared on first floor of cabina common area. Shared bathroom with cabina.



"What I noticed right away as soon as I arrived was that this felt like a second home here, it felt warm and safe. That was the most important thing for me because the level of work here is very deeply personal."

Michaela Maselli

"Being able to go through this experience in sanctuary that provided safety, comfort, compassion, support - I could not have written a more perfect story of how my experience was here."

Maricar Ronas

"This was the most incredible week I have ever had. I am going to share this experience with everyone that I know who went through the traumas and PTSD that I went through because there is a better place. And it's within you."

Adam Bowers

"After this week I feel deeply grateful to come here and do this work with such trustworthy and inspiring guides. My life has exploded into an entirely new direction and I feel that I have discovered my true path."

Alex Olshonsky

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