Gathering center for wellness retreats, conferences and holistic events.


Who We Are

Posada Natura awakens people to the rejuvenating, healing energy of an ancient rainforest and pristine rivers. We are seated above one of the cleanest rivers left on earth, Rio Naranjo, and are surrounded by over 2,000 acres of rainforest that has been conserved for 30 years by our partner non-profit organization, Eco Era. We strive to create harmony with the earth through sustainable, eco- practices and to restore a world to balance and peace for ourselves and future generations.




Rainforest Sanctuary Facilities

Situated alongside an enchanting river and surrounded by rainforest, our spacious, open-air architecture is an experience of jungle luxury. Expansive gathering spaces, temple and practice spaces, lounge and dining areas are woven into lush tropical gardens along our river. Each group is given exclusive use of our space and provided with appropriate set-ups for their purpose.

  • high speed wifi

  • multiple private gathering spaces

  • temple space for group or private practice

  • private pool, jacuzzi and river access

  • expansive gardens and rainforest trails

Cabin interior2.jpg

Jungle Boutique Accommodations

Our accommodations are crafted to harmonize with our land and create a deeper experience of immersion into nature. Built with stone, wood, and bamboo from our very land, their design achieves the perfect balance between luxury and rustic.

Options of private, or shared spaces are available for a maximum on-site sleeping capacity of 26 people and an off-site sleeping capacity of an additional 10 people.


Nutrition Focused Meals

We source all of our produce from local, organic farms to create fresh, plant-based meals for every event. We serve 3 nutritious, wholesome meals per day. Depending on the season, our kitchen may be stocked with fruits, herbs and roots from our garden. Handmade tortillas, fresh home-made coconut milk, eggs from our chickens, food full of wholesome flavor - our cooking is an unforgettable experience.


Tropical Gardens 

Our grounds are a colorful garden of ancient trees, medicinal plants, fruit trees, flowers and animals. Meandering pathways through the garden create a sense of expansiveness while remaining close to the common spaces. Various gathering sites are dispersed throughout that promote peaceful experiences connected with nature. The song of the forest is a chorus of wildlife that creates an experience of astounding mental clarity and calm presence. Our grounds are truly a tangible discovery of the pulsing magic of life.


Nature Immersion

Our retreat center is nestled in lush rainforest, alongside a bounding river. At our backdoor is 7,500 acres of rainforest that Posada Natura's partners, Eco Era, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has been protecting for 30 years. The ceremony work is uniquely supported by the healing pulse of the land and the symphony of the rainforest.


Healing Services & Excursions

For every group who chooses our space and services as the venue for their event, we also will organize the incorporation of bodywork, meditation, yoga, ritual & spiritual practices, nature immersions, and excursions through our conservation site on horseback, river rafting, or treks on foot. 





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