Wildland Firefighter Wellness Retreat

February 12-18, 2022 Costa Rica

As a wildland firefighter do you:


  • Struggle with knowing when to “turn it off” in the off season?

  • Struggle to find belonging outside of your identity as a firefighter?

  • Struggle with processing emotions and letting people in?

  • Have difficulty managing anxiety in your day to day life?

This 7-day retreat is for the firefighter who is looking to go inward, give themselves rest and rejuvenation and lend their skills to support the Costa Rican rainforest. Our program seeks to address how the demands of our job show up in our daily lives and provide practices that nourish mental, physical and emotional health.

Join us to learn tools for anxiety, nervous system recovery, chronic stress, and healthy coping strategies that help support the innate resiliency of wildland firefighters.

This retreat is facilitated by wildland firefighters for wildland firefighters.