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The best boutique grassroots wellness event center in Costa Rica

Posada Natura is a boutique grassroots retreat center located in the town of Londres, near Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. They have been around since the 90's, hosting events in healing, spiritual practice and forest education, before people knew it was cool.

Nestled in the rainforest alongside the river

This place is really like a sanctuary. It is nestled into the banks of one of the cleanest rivers left in the world, which creates a deep experience of connection to the rainforest.

Magnificently beautiful creatures of the forest live in abundance here - large butterflies, hummingbirds, monkeys, iguanas and tropical birds of all kinds thrive on these lands.

Incredible food

Every meal is delicious. Delicious like, you will eat thirds. All produce is sourced from local, organic farms and depending on the season, the kitchen is stocked with fruits, herbs and roots from their own garden. Handmade tortillas, fresh home-made coconut milk, eggs from their chickens, food full of wholesome flavor - the cooking is literally an unforgettable experience.

Rustic luxury accommodations

The cabinas are a perfect blend between rustic and luxurious. Built with stone, wood, and bamboo into a cathedral design with large screens that let the sound of the river and forest reverberate day and night, you feel harmonized with the land in an experience of real immersion into the natural world.

Expansively beautiful architecture

The spacious, open-air architecture feels like being in a stone palace that's been perfectly preserved for a thousand years. Expansive gathering spaces, temple and practice spaces, lounge and dining areas are woven into lush tropical gardens alongside the river. High ceilings with pillars built with river stones, bamboo, and wood from their own land makes you feel like you are staying in a luxurious extension of the forest.

Relatable, genuine staff

The staff is comprised of incredibly genuine people. Because they are so at home in the space, it makes you feel at home, too. You feel like you are being welcomed into a family of gracious hosts, the moment you walk in. The staff create a perfect environment mix of being your friend and being at your service.

7,500 acres of untouched rainforest

This center is super unique, located at the base of 7,500 acres of pristine rainforest that has been preserved for over 30 years. Each experience at Posada Natura is woven into these conservation lands, and their profits go to their partner non-profit organization who protect these lands. These people are legitimately giving back to the earth, not just saying they are.

20 minutes from Manuel Antonio beach

Manuel Antonio beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on planet earth. With bath-water oceans, explosive rainbow sunsets, coconuts spilling from the trees, this is a classic beach paradise - and its only 20 minutes from Posada Natura's jungle paradise.

Powerful energy

This place has been hosting authentic programs in spiritual and healing practices for over 20 years. It's not just another yoga center - its a true place of true practice. The cumulation of programs led by genuine teachers has imprinted a seriously powerful energy into this place. Even the most average Joe who walks in can feel its transformative energy, and this honestly enhances the effectiveness of every event that happens here.


To sum it all up - if you are a facilitator, event host, or individual looking for a retreat, Posada Natura is pretty much the like hole-in-the-wall restaurant everyone is looking for to have all to themselves before it gets found out and the line to order in 2 blocks long.

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